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cobalt blue

updated tue 30 apr 96 on mon 15 apr 96

I'll throw in my two cents worth here. I try to avoid working with blue
glaze because it seems like everyone else is using blue glaze...because
that's what everyone (art fair public-types) wants to buy. I know that
sounds really general, but its late.

Blue and flowers...It seems I could have two pots. One I've made recently,
that I'm proud of, and one I made in Pottery I. If the Pottery I pot was 1
1/2" thick, uncentered, and basically looking like a kiln-accident, BUT HAD A
LITTLE BLUE FLOWER PAINTED ON IT....that would be the one that would sell.

There's my ranting and raving.

But you've got to admit...Thank God cobalt is predictable and dependable
considering how much it costs! AND Thank God a little goes a LOOONG way!

Lisa in Des Moines - where I've spent my time reading Clayart instread of
typing up meeting minutes! Oops!! :) AND it snowed here today!!! YUK!