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cobalt blue in salt firing

updated sat 30 nov 96


Pat Chesney on wed 6 nov 96

Hi all you salt and soda lovers. I have a question.

We fired a test piece in our new salt kiln (using that nasty, old salt
(:>) ) The piece had painting with cobalt oxide that fires to a
beautiful blue cobalt color in ox. in the electric kilns at cone 10. Above
the painting was an area of air brushed cobalt carb.-based color. The base
was the same and the air brushed area was lesser in amount than the brushed
design. The big shocker to us was, the brushed part was lighter by far
(looked washed-out) than the air brushed part. The Cobalt carb. looked
normal while the cobalt ox. was very faint. We fired to between cone 9 and
10 in very light reduction.

Is this a function of the reaction of the oxide with the salt?

Does anyone have a blue stripe recipe that works with salt and light reduction?
We are also testing a brown paint with 75 % Redart and 25% Red Iron. It
looked pretty good. Does this sound like the right direction for a brown
design paint?

Rafael, are you online? Any other salt lovers (or soda vapor lovers) have
an idea?

Thanks for all your help, you guys are great (generic term "guys" (:>) )

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas