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cobalt oxide / carbonate

updated sat 31 aug 96


FAY & RALPH LOEWENTHAL on wed 28 aug 96

Original Question: Correct substitute for Cobalt Carbonate by Cobalt
Lynn usually one puts in about half the quantity of cobalt carbonate in
cobalt oxide. I would suggest you go back to the supplier as there are different
grades of Cobalt. Usually the carbonate mixes in better as it is finer. I have
been told by my supplier that there is about 45% to 48%
cobalt in the carbonate. Depending on the grade of oxide there could be anywhere
between 75% to more than 95% cobalt in the oxide. Sometimes cheaper does not
work out so hot. If the supplier says he does not know then tell him to contact
his supplier , somone must know.
All the best from a lovely, almost spring, day in South Africa
Ralph Loewenthal