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cone 04 matte glaze

updated mon 30 jun 97


Bacia Edelman on tue 10 jun 97

Leslie Ihde asked for a cone 04 matte. I assume you are after something
tried and true. Otherwise there are many such listed in glaze books. The
only one I am sure of, and that is on a clay I was using 2 yrs. ago, is one
called a Soft Satin Matte which I found in Leon Nigrosh's book, the title
is something like "Low-Fire Ceramics".
44 Frit 3134
8 Dolomite
12 Kaolin
8 Whiting
28 Silica

He also had a cone 04 Matte with barium. Let me know if you would use one
with BaCO3, off Clayart.
I have not tested this or another with barium from Val Cushing.

There was an article in Ceramics Monthly by Woody Hughes a few yrs. ago,
which had a lot of Cushing's glazes. Here is one , again not tested:

Cushing Stone Matte Glaze ^04

5 Talc
5 Whiting
10 Gerstley Borate
45 Frit 3124
15 Neph. Syenite
15 Silica

That is all I have time for at this late hour. I delete the Clayart
Digests as fast as I can arrow down through all the messages and didn't save
Leslie's address. Maybe someone else can use these. If you try the latter
one, could you let us know and describe the type of clay you test it on.

Bacia Edelman Madison, WI