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cone 05 glaze going to cone 6 or 10?

updated thu 31 jul 97


Tony Hansen on mon 14 jul 97

>... Gloss Decorating Colors... recommended temperature is cone 05 or
>06, but the majolicas are mostly stable up to cone 5 or 6 (some may even
>go to cone 10).

How can a glaze designed for cone 06 be stable at cone 6?

T o n y H a n s e n, I M C

Anne W. Bracker on wed 16 jul 97

As I mentioned in my original message, I spoke with George Debikey at
AMACO who designed the GDCs. He told me thast the colors have been
tested to be mostly stable up to cone 6. When a SUGGESTED temperature is
given, that implies that best color results will be achieved at that
temperature. However, in this case, the glaze will not melt at higher
temperatures. They will go hotter, but the colors will not be as true.
Some of the yellows may fade a bit for instance, but they are stable up
to cone 6. AMACO's velvet underglaze line works the same way. A lot of
those will even go as high as cone 10, even though their recommended
temperature is also cone 05-06. This is not to say that every glaze will
go hotter than the teperature given. I know the GDCs will go hotter only
because Mr. Debikey informed me as such.

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