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updated fri 31 may 96


Janet H Walker on tue 7 may 96

I have numbers for two different coops, neither of which I belong
to but I was recently researching galleries.

Coop A is in an affluent suburb.
initiation fee $400
yearly fee $1500-$2100, depending on shifts worked
work requirement: 4-12 hours a month, depending on fee
commission 40% BUT any profits are split equally at year's end
activities -- monthly meeting, openings
guaranteed one show every 18 months (4 separate exhibition spaces)
members 24-28

Coop B is in a fairly depressed outlying city.
initiation fee $100
yearly fee $700 (adjusted if needed for expenses)
work requirement: one day a month
commission: none
activities -- monthly meeting, help administratively
average of one featured artists space every two years
members 24-28

In both, the person who was enthusiastically describing the
coop to me admitted that they personally "just met
expenses". I wonder if that is a common experience? (And
they were painters, not potters. We all know I think that
people are willing to pay far more for anything that hangs
on a wall in a frame .)

Jan Walker
Fun & Functional Arts
Cambridge MA USA