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updated tue 30 apr 96


John Baisch on sun 14 apr 96

I have just been informed that I am going to Copenhagen the end of
this week!

I'd like to see if anyone has and reccommendations of some studios/artists
that I should visit while I'm there? I'm not going to have a lot of time
so I'd like to visit some key studios. Any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. I am specifically intrested in RAKU artists

Thanks in advance,

( in Boise, where it's 60 degress, sunny, and its the last day of

BALCH@HARVEY.BAKERU.EDU on mon 15 apr 96


I was raised in Koebenhavn and was there 3 times last year. A must is
Ingrid Noerby's ceramics gallery in the heart of Copenhagen, it is
quite nice and they have all the info you need on raku-artists and
other ceramic people. You might want to see Nina Hole's workshop
in Skaelskoer I will find the address and write back. She does Raku
and is one of the best I have ever seen. She is also a good friend of mine
and is married to a chair designer from up-state NY. She is well known in
USA. Her phone no. is 011-45-53-54-3094 if you want to make arragements
before you leave USA.


Inge G. Balch
Assosiate prof/cer. sculpt
Baker University
Baldwin City, KS 66006