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copper & other glazes

updated tue 31 dec 96


P. Jaine Jacobs on thu 19 dec 96

In a message dated 12/17/96 3:00:13 PM, Rafael wrote:

>BTW, in my experience one can achieve reds when firing a whole load
>together or when reds are placed throughout the chamber along with
>other glazes. The other glazes don't seem to affect the development of
>color in copper reds. In my experience, quite the opposite takes place.
>The copper that volatilizes travels around the chamber and does
>interesting things to other glazes. Recently, the copper has ended up
>coloring a wood ash base that is normally green (no colorants, but, base
>does have Alberta Slip, hence, green color) but with specks of red from
>copper. Very interesting.

That blush can also be achieved without copper red glazes in the load. Just
put copper carbonate or copper oxide on some "test tiles" strategically
placed around the pieces you want to be kissed. L-shaped ones seem to work
best, probably because they "lift" the copper. They're also easy to fit in

Jaine in Cresskill