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copper matte raku glaze

updated fri 24 oct 97


Beth Williams on thu 9 oct 97

Need help in preserving colors from copper matte glaze after reduction. Have
tried spraying with acrylics, which sometimes works and sometimes not. Any
tips? Getting beautiful colors, only to have them change after sitting
around. Appreciate help from anyone who is having success with this
challenging glaze!

KDrescherg on fri 10 oct 97

From your post it seems that you are experiencing a rather quick change of
color from your copper matt glaze after it has been sitting around for a
while. How long is a awhile. Mine do not change that quick, even if left
outside. There are a lot of different formulas for copper matt. I have a piece
of Rick Berman's that I picked up in 1986-7? and I have noticed that it has
darkened quite a bit. With my own glazes I have not noticed a big shift in
color. Tom Buck has done a lot of research on raku glazes formulated not to
change color over time. I found this info from a Raku web site a while ago.
Never did test his glazes though. If you send me direct e-mail I'll send you
my raku glazes--not available at the moment. (I can not attach files to the
list serve)

C .Greenman

Edward M. Jacobs on sun 12 oct 97

I found this article (Attached) on the net--I do not remember where. It
is by Tom Buck and goes into a long technical discussion about problems
with various copper matt glazes. It reformulates them. I have only
tried one of these glazes and it worked fine for me. The attachment is
longish. Article listed as being from Ceramic Review Issue #159,
May/June 1996
Good Luck
Ed Jacobs
Shalimar Florida the beautiful emerald coast of NW Florida temperature
this morning 70 expected to be 85 and clear today.

Edward M. Jacobs on sun 12 oct 97

This is the address for a long discussion about the problems you are
having and a reformulation of several common copper matt raku glazes so
they will retain their brilliance.
Ed Jacobs