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copper mesh

updated thu 31 oct 96


Sue Lily on fri 4 oct 96

I bought my copper screening at a large Ace Hardware Store - Got a plastic
bucket from some restaurant - cut off the bottom, cut out most of the
center of the lid, stretched the mesh across the bucket head, replaced the
lid, et voila! A three gallon sieve! You might feel the need to glue the
lid on, but I don't think I did that and I've been using this for over ten
years - actually, the plastic bucket is now brittle and I have to make a
new one.

Oh, and for getting the glaze through this sieve, nothing is better than
a plasterers brush - Big handle, bristles 3-4" long, 5" wide and 1" thick -
probably available at the same hardware store, or a paint supply store. (I
get most of my tools from yard sales et al - Keep your eyes open... :-)

Ms. Lily
Ashland OR