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copper red glazes in a wood fired kiln

updated tue 31 dec 96


Talbott on tue 17 dec 96

While talking about the Chinese copper reds with my wife, she
thinks that perhaps the wood ash in the wood fired kilns which the Chinese
used had an effect on the copper red glaze... Does anyone out there fire
for copper reds in your wood fired kiln?? Please let me know.. Marshall

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P. Jaine Jacobs on thu 19 dec 96

Marshall, I don't have the real answer (though I suspect Celia's right), but
your question reminded me of the way Jeff Cox used to enjoy perpetuating the
myth (with a wink) that the secret wasn't wood ash at all, but rather human
ash. After a few glasses of wine, he'd elaborate, claiming that sometimes it
was failed potters sacrificing themselves and sometimes it was rivals. In
these stories, the outcomes of which you'll appreciate had much to do with
the wine and the lateness of the hour, the shade and intensity of the red had
nothing to do with copper at all. Thanks for the memory,

Jaine in Cresskill