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crimping connections

updated tue 28 oct 97


Roger Korn on sat 25 oct 97

I've had great results crimping copper tube connectors with vice-grips.
Once you get them set right, they're cheap, fast, and reliable. Be sure to
check the connections after you've fired once or twice. Also look for
elements that appear dimmer than others - an indication of a
high-resistance bum connection.


You wrote:
....But it is
absolutely necessary to use a good wire-crimping tool to get the tube
properly mashed down. Ordinary pliers will not do it, and the crimping
which is used for smaller gauge wire will not do an adequate job either.
Perhaps you can borrow a pair from someone, because the proper crimping
could be expensive.
- Vince

Tom Morris on mon 27 oct 97

I have found that a good method of making crimp connectors is with brass
tubing, likely available at a hobby or craft shop. This is round and sort
of soft, easily crimped. However, cutting to length would be *much* easier
with a hacksaw than without...
By the way, nobody should be without a set of Vise-Grip or equivalent
pliers. They work great on nuts and bolts and have great leverage. The
leverage with these is great in the last part of closing them, so they can
crimp or hold almost anything... and some will even work as pipe wrenches.

Tom Morris
Finally it is cooling off, so I can no longer bisque on the driveway... ;o>