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crucible kiln

updated fri 9 may 03


Levine Meg Jessica on wed 24 apr 96

I am wondering if any of you have a Crucible Oval kiln. If so,
would you please contact me and let me know if you like it. Do you have
the Orton Vent attached? Do you have extra insulation? What cone do you
fire to? Has the company been good with customer service if you have
questions? Do you have the Orton computer control attached...Do you like
the computerized controller? Thanks for the information. I would
appreciate if you write to me directly. Has your kiln held up well?

Thanks, Meg Levine
Meg Levine Ceramic Studio
Boulder, Colorado 80304
(303) 546-9334

Chitose Nakashima on wed 7 may 03

I am hoping to replace my 20 yr old electric Paragon kiln with a larger 28 x
27" deep (APPROX), which fires to cone 5 and 6....and a kiln which can be
controlled to provide uniform temperatures
at different levels... in the case ofr firing a large piece which may occupy
the whole kiln depth.
I had been manually controlling the temperature uniformity with infinite
switches until now.

How successful is the electronic controller (single or multizone
thermocouple?) in maintaining uniform
temperatures in the kiln this size? Can I use infiinte switches for
electronic controller with one thermocouple (instead of buying 3
thermocouples) to control the temp at different levels?
I am currently looking at Skutt KM1227-3 PK and Crucible model 286 (SPS

I would appreciate hearing about your experiences


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