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crystalline glazes/ firing schedules in a gas kiln

updated fri 31 jan 97


Talbott on sat 18 jan 97

If you have any experience with the above subject then please let me
know... Edgecomb Potters have done very well with their mastery of this
glaze. They were featured about 2 years ago in CM....

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LINDA BLOSSOM on sun 19 jan 97

You folks are gluttons for punishment! Reds and now crystallines?! I have
tried several crystallines in gas and electric. The first one in the
article (which I named EC-1 for Edgecomb crystalline 1) I added copper 2
and cobalt 1/2 (both carbonates) and fired a wall piece. It had a
delightful uneven crystalline structure. In some places there were no
crystals but the glaze had a depth that was beautiful. Other places the
crystals were moderately tight and other places they look like stars
against a dark night sky. I refired a couple of pieces from the unit in
electric since they were underfired and they came out with a tight uniform
crystal surface. I slow cool these, no matter what the kiln. My cooling
rate is 100 per hour at the most when I shut the kiln down. That goes for
both, although the electric cools so slowly I try to fire it only when I
have to. (It has 3" of 8 pound blanket around it.)

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