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cutting platters from the bat

updated mon 30 sep 96


Leonard Smith on thu 26 sep 96

I cut my platters of differently to most ways so far mentioned so I thought
you may be interested in how I do it.

When I throw platters I throw on Fibro Bats, which used to be called
asbetos cement here and, as Gail Nicholls said, are now made of cellulose
fibre and cement, I wet them before throwing and they are so absorbent
that they still stick to the clay ring I first thow to attach them to the
wheel head.

I throw platters thick, at least 1/2"-3/4" and I spend a lot of time with a
wooden rib working the base. When this is finished I lift the outer ring to
form the rim. Before I turn this rim over, I cut through the base. I use a
piece of stainless steel fishing (trace) line and I have the wheel turning
slowly as I bring the wire through. This means that as every wire lifts in
the centre no matter how hard you stretch it, that the underneath of the
platter will be a very slight concave cone. just the shape it will
eventually be when I turn a foot ring in it. BTW I always turn a double
footring into big platters.

After cutting through I then turn my rims over and finish the platter. The
bats dry out the base of the platters at the same rate as the upper rims so
that they both separate easily from the bat and are ready to turn as soon
as the rim are leather hard. Unlike pulling a wire through a stationary pot
where you are likely to get an odd shape to the bottom as the wire lifts on
its way accross, these platters are evenly concave and easy to turn.

I hope that's clear

Best wishes

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