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updated mon 30 jun 97


Leslie on sun 15 jun 97

new at this traveling to UK and Ireland this summer and would like info on
potters and places to stay

christine cox on sun 15 jun 97

In message <01bc3bac$f9a84720$1f840cce@beere>, Leslie
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>new at this traveling to UK and Ireland this summer and would like info on
>potters and places to stay
Hi Leslie
If you're in the north of England in early August check out Potfest, in
the Lake District.
A chance to meet up to 250 potters in one place. August 8/ 9/ 10th

Timothy Dean Malm on mon 16 jun 97

If your trip to the UK and Ireland is a bit later in the summer you might
wish to contact the Crafts Council of Ireland, Powerscourt Townhouse
Center, Dublin 2, Irish Republic.They maintain a listing of most
traditional craft producers. If you are flying into Ireland, landing
at Shannon (an amazingly small airport for the traffic that goes through
it), you can rent (hire) a car for a week and drive toward the "West of
Ireland". Potteries are fairly thick on the ground around Dingle, Kerry
and Cork. Nicolas Mosse Pottery at Bennettbridge, Co. Kilkenny is one of
the biggest producers in Ireland, known primarily for sponge print
decoration. In the same area is the Pottery Skills Course at Thomastown. A
B&B in the area is The Tower. If you get to Northern Ireland/the North of
Ireland (that was non-sectarian use of language) check out "Craftworks", a
fine crafts gallery in downtown Belfast. The director, Rory Shearer is
himself a potter and a fine friend. If you get up to Londonderry/Derry
(more non-sectarian language) check out the Orchard Gallery just off the
"Diamond". It is not a craft gallery but rather a contemporary art space.

Tim Malm

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, Leslie wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> new at this traveling to UK and Ireland this summer and would like info on
> potters and places to stay

Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on tue 17 jun 97

Tim Malm mentioned the Nicolas Mosse pottery in Bennettsbrige just out
of Kilkenny. Just down the road, barely out of Bennettsbridge, is the
Stoneware Jackson pottery, or at least it was there 3 years ago. It's
set up for tourists to be able to easily observe wheelwork. The setting
is as beautiful as Mosse's which admittedly is most picturesque located
in an old family mill on the river Noire. In the Mosse pottery, too, if
you're lucky Nicolas' mom will be on the premises and may open the
family museum of pots and shards found long, long ago on their property.
Visit both if possible. Love the Irish, thenk yooou vurry mooch (Is
there a "lilt" symbol for the internet?).

In the overcast Mojave where we got very excited Friday when we counted
24 fat drops of rain on our patio. It rained! (not) Still I pushed
aside closets of stuff until I found my raincoat purchased for Ireland.
You never know...

ALAN POTTINGER on wed 18 jun 97

Dear Leslie

I've just come back from Ireland myself and would recommend you visit
the Louis Mulcahy Pottery, Clogher, Ballyferriter, Dingle, Co. Kerry
(tel 353 66 56229/56429 fax 353 66 56366). If there is a more
beautiful setting for a pottery I'd like to see it!