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dirt floor studio

updated sat 31 may 97


Malone & Dean McRaine on mon 12 may 97

Aloha everyone
I'm building a studio addition on a shoestring budget, about 300 sq. ft. I
don't want to spend the money for a concrete floor and am considering
alternatives. A voice inside me spoke, "You're a potter, why not do it in
the dirt?". I live in Hawaii so climate is comfortable. It is very wet
here, 50-80 in. of rain, but I have good drainage on site. Anyone ever work
for a long time in a dirt floored studio? If so, what was it like, would
you recommend it? Any design considerations?


Leslie Ihde on tue 13 may 97

Why don't you make tile for your floor?
Vestal NY

Julie George on tue 13 may 97

A dirt floor would be kinda muddy when wet, wouldn't it? Could it be
made into a tamped surface with a dry mix of portland and something

The climate is so lovely, having a dirt floor might not be bad-
I'd just be scared of the centipedes!