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dirt floor studio and monkeytailed invaders

updated sat 31 may 97


Brad Sondahl on tue 13 may 97

I had a dirt floor studio several times. I've never been a fanatic
about dust, but I didn't notice it any dustier than my current cement
floor. I've read of potters who sprinkle their dirt floors to keep dust
down. If I lived in Hawaii, I'd have no qualms about a dirt floor. (I'm
not sure if I'd have walls...) The major drawback might be humidity
rusting electric wheel components, though where I worked it wasn't humid
enough to be a problem.
Keeping pests out is probably also a challenge. The last place where I
had a dirt floor, I started seeing a weird curlytail critter disappear
out of sight when I'd come in. Made my hair stand up, the first time. I
mean, it reminded me of a monkey's tail.
Turned out to be a packrat, and the little rodent took to stealing my
cone packs. It was fun for a while, but they have really bad smells
associated with them. I live-trapped it, and crawled into a narrow
place to get out its nest. It had surrounded its nest with cone packs
pointing out, looking like missile defenses.

Brad Sondahl
PO Box 96, Nezperce ID 83543