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updated sun 30 jun 96 on thu 20 jun 96

We are going to several major gift shows in the middle of August, and
early September and are looking for some unique, classy ideas for a
display system.

We currently have a styrofoam system that looks great (it has won
best booth award in the past), however, it is a bulky way of
transporting a unit. We will be displaying a variety of vases and
art pieces and need to maximize our display capabilities, without
sacrificing the look and asthetic appeal of the booth itself.

We have looked at some of the "professional" units, but they are
really expensive and so far the ones that we have seen don't
really meet our requirements.

We have considered wooden boxes that could double for transporting as
well as shelving when turned upside down, glass shelves (with mirrors
and lights), wooden dowell setups and the like. However, none to
date have really caught our imagination. Has anyone seen or used a
system that is versatile, easily portable and adaptable to different
finishes and styles?

Really appreciate your feedback.


Claudia Louise Palermo on fri 21 jun 96

Have you ever thought about using scaffolding? I have seen a potter who
uses small scaffolds to build shelves to present her work at crafts fairs.
Scaffold collapses and is really easy to assemble. It is also very

Claudia Palermo

Jeanette Harris on thu 27 jun 96

>We are going to several major gift shows in the middle of August, and
>early September and are looking for some unique, classy ideas for a
>display system.

Hi, Dave,
Plain cardbord boxes make a very versatile display system. (I'm assuming
that your shows will be inside, although I have seen the box system used
outside under a tent.) You can find them at your local paper/packing
supply houses and the ones I located were light grey in color with no
markings. I have also seen them painted white or beige.

Figure the sizes you need by the sizes of your display spaces--I think my
boxes are 3 ft. square. You can experiment with the layouts by using a set
of child's blocks.

A basic display structure can be built in pyramid form, islands, receding
banks or whatever works best at the time. You will need to glue patches of
velcro to create closures that are firm. A flat top piece of any material
that goes with your work covering the top of the last box can be added to
create a finished look. I have seen panels of fabric criss-crossed over
the tops for texture and color.

Smaller boxes can be added on top to create small pedestals or for variety,
small display niches. You could even paint the insides to match or
contrast the rest of the display.

The boxes fold back down flat and are easy to transport. They have to be
protected to keep them looking clean, but other than that, make very good
display forms.

Good luck on your shows!

Jeanette Harris