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display tents and a great weight system for windy weather!

updated thu 31 jul 97


Tiggerbus on fri 18 jul 97

>Thanks Cindy for the response. I have seen the Sams' shelters fall
>during a rainstorm with some wind, so I don't think I want to try one.

I have been using EZups for years and have seen many people using EZUPS
for years too and I have never seen one collapse during the rain...must
have been a selective incident. You can take hulu hoops and put them
inside the frame along the canopy to make the tent bow upwards so that the
rain will not pool...WHO WANTS TO SET UP IN THE RAIN ANYHOW!!! That is
always my cue to go home and call it a day!!

Anyway...another good tip for those of you who are looking to keep the
canopy in place are to add these large clips which look like the ends of
jumper cables, to the sides where the velco is located. This helps in
windy situations where the velco comes apart! Velcro is strong but over a
long period of use it wears out !!!

For areas that do not contain grass for your metal spikes. You can make
inexpensive weights with some ropes, eye hooks, and quickcrete mix, and
some spare pvc piping! Just take the PVC pipe (about 24 inces long will
do) and fill it with your concrete mix and then add a large eye hook and
let it set up and then you can tie the rope to the eye hook and then tie
it to the top of the canaopy poles. You will need four of these. They
weigh about 15 pounds each and work better than those 10 inch spikes!!!
DO not go out and buy the piping...just go to a new constructed house and
ask the pumbler for some scraps! If you want to get really fancy you can
use the end caps for pvc piping and drill a hole for the eyehook and cap
the cement off for a nice finished look!!!

Just some tips for the tipless!!!

Amy Gossett in "Peachy" Rome, Ga. where the "hobbiers"
are all out to get me....NOT!
"Reality is merely a crutch for those with a broken imagination..."

Sue Pellegrini on tue 22 jul 97

BTW - I used a ten ft. piece of 4 inch pipe cut into four sections 24 inches.
This makes the weights more like 40-50 lbs. and I cut a length of rope
about 4' long, put a loop on one end and a snap like a dog leash snap on the
other, Rope over the upper pole, through the loop and hook the weight to the
snap. much easier than tying ropes (did that, too).

I was in a wind so bad one show that I had two weights (100 lbs) on each
corner. I backed up to grass so had big tent stakes holding the back down.
held the tent down by a whisker, but the canopy virbrated so bad from the
wind that it scared everyone out of my booth anyway. It actually cost me $90
out of my pocket to do that show for two days. ...lessons learned.

Pelly in Rochester, NY