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drum advice needed

updated sat 31 may 97


Vikki Dow on fri 9 may 97

Happy May!
Libby is now enjoying life as a full-time potter and we're getting ready
for our first fairs in the San Francisco Bay area. We're very excited!
My question now is about drums. Libby has been making some nice high-fired
drums, ranging from 8" - 12" diameter and equally as high. She has made
some before and attached drumheads using rawhide strips. They look and
sound great, but some drummers have been asking if they can be tuned.
Since they can't - I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how else we
can attach the drumhead, so that it can be tuned. Please post any replies,
or e-mail directly to us.
Vikki and Libby
Stilltree Pottery
Oakland, CA , where the seasons change on a daily basis...