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dust collection system

updated sun 31 aug 97


Susan H. Park on wed 27 aug 97

I am currently working with clay in a manner that creates alot of dust.
I have been doing this work outdoors while wearing goggles, mask, etc.
However, with winter thinking about setting in here in Seattle, I realize
that if I am to continue this, I will need to think about a dust
collection system. I would like one that could be used for both ceramic
dust and for wood/shop dust. I saw a Delta 2-filter system at a hardware
store that was an acceptable size for home (basement) use, but I was
wondering about the effectiveness of this model for clay - do the filters
need to be of the HEPA variety? Are there dust collection systems around
specifically for this?

Thanks for the help - this is my day for questions!

Susan in Seattle