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element staples

updated mon 30 jun 97


Bill Hall on sun 8 jun 97

Does anyone have any experience with the L&L kilns with the metal channels
that the elements fit into? Does this prevent the degredation of the soft
brick caused by inserting staples to hold the elements?

Bruce Lenore on mon 9 jun 97

Hi Bill, I have an L+L kiln that i bought used 17 yrs ago. It has clay
channels that do exactly that, hold the elements in without pins. They
are still in great shape even though I'm in the process of re wiring it.
L+L is still in business and will send any parts needed for
replacements. E-mail me if you need the adress or phone#. Bruce Good luck.

David Woodin Set Clayart Digest on mon 9 jun 97

The channel should be of a clay material and no staples are needed to hole
the elements.