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emerging talent-nceca 98 fort worth

updated tue 30 sep 97


Louis Katz on tue 23 sep 97

Here is the call for the EMERGING TALENT Nominations. I am sorry about the
short timeline, but bwe would like to get the names on the poster. Just so
you know, the tile Emerging Talent IMHO is a bit far from perfect, but
rather than spending valuable NCECA Board time discussing changes in it I
have tried to use time on more substantive issues. I favor "new" over
emerging. Others have expressed problems with the use of "talent", probably
becuase hard work might be more important.


1.Individuals must be nominated by someone in the field of ceramics, or an

individual may nominate herself/himself and include a letter of
recommendation from someone in the field of ceramics.

2.Nominees must show exceptional promise in the field of ceramics.

3.Nominees must not currently be a student.

4.Nominees must submit 12 slides labeled with their name, title, media, and
dimensions along with a complete resume and a letter of recommendation.

5.Those chosen for the 1998 Emerging Talent must attend the Fort Worth
conference. Each artist will give a 12 minute slide presentation of her/his
work, for which the standard presenter's honorarium will be given.

6.All materials should be mailed to:
Louis Katz, Center For The Arts, TAMU-CC, 6300 Ocean Drive, Corpus, Texas
78412 and must be recieved by October 25. Questions should be addressed to, (512) 994-5987 or the above address.

7.Please enclosed a SASE for return of slides.