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empty bowls (was-***potters in the northeast area)

updated fri 31 may 96


Michelle H. Lowe on mon 13 may 96

We do this project here in Phoenix every year, it's called Empty Bowls. We
work with local businesses (who donate money for clay), and a local charity
who feeds the hungry, and a restaurant who provides the venue and food.
It's been amazingly successful, raising some $26,000+ just last year. The
bowls sell for $8 each (including food) and we have a celebrity bowl silent
auction. Over the course of the year, we get celebrities to sign/decorate
bowls with underglaze or stain. Some well known potters will donate bowls
(from our local workshops), and we potters tend to be the ones bidding on
their pots :) This is all done through our local potter's club, we have a
couple "throwing" days where we all get together at a community college
clay room and just throw bowls all day long with donated clay. Then the
community colleges glaze and fire (so they participate with it all too).
It's quite a project and we are very proud of it. Have been doing it for
about five or six years now.

At 11:14 AM 5/12/96 -0400, Lisa Skeen wrote:
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>>I have heard that in California, they had a gathering for the hungry or
>>homeless and the Potters donated bowls to the cause.
>Here in Greensboro, potters are asked to donate as many bowls as they can to
>just such a drive. We make the bowls and local restaurants make the soup.
> Patrons buy the bowls (I'm not clear here if they're auctioned or not) and
>they are filled with soup. The money goes to the local shelters.

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