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updated fri 28 feb 97 on thu 6 feb 97

Sorry to join this thread so late. I've been tied up, but I'm now getting
through the backlog.

The quality of responses was very high, and the coverage leaves me little
to add. But I though you might like to look at the UK Arts & Crafts Guide
at This is an on-line version of
the UK Craft Council's list of selected makers. It claims to be
"a directory of and guide to the best of arts and crafts in the UK, a
showcase where artists and crafts people in the UK can exhibit their work
to the world." It doesn't yet deliver this, but it does list names,
addresses and phone numbers (plus, in some cases fax number and/or e-mail
address). A small number have up to 3 pages of text and photographs. None
have so far linked to their own website (I didn't check them all). The
description of their work is minimal, and often useless, but if you know
the names of UK potters you would like to contact, their addresses and
phone numbers are likely to be there. It is "intended to be comprehensive
not exhaustive", and I was surprised to see a few well regarded makers
omitted from the list. You can view makers by name, by product category,
or by geographical area.

You might like to try Phil Rogers, Gabrielle Koch and Winchcombe Pottery.

...... Kevin in a damp and soon-to-be-frosty Leamington Spa, England.

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