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england,spain,belgium - pottery/gallery suggestions

updated tue 30 apr 96


Sheila Drummer on thu 11 apr 96

I will be going to France in June. I have been stock piling names of
galleries, potteries, potters and towns/regions to visit. I'll be gone a
month and just in case I find I have a spare day or so, I thought I could
visit some places either in England or Mallorca, Spain.

In England I thought I could visit Bernard Leach's pottery. Does anyone have
suggestions for other places to visit around that area?

If I don't make it to England, I might try for Mallorca. Any suggestions on
pottery in that part of Spain?

And there might be a chance I'll be in Gent, Belgium visiting someone. Are
there some places that I absolutely must try to fit in in Belgium?

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you.

Sheila Drummer on fri 12 apr 96

There are some traditional folk potters in Mallorca a decade ago.They
were dying out rather quickly after Spain joined the EEC. Emili Sempere's
book, Las Rutas Alfareras Espana y Portugal offers maps and directions
on how to find them.The ministry of industry also offers books on
Porvinces crafts industries. Buen Viaje, Marcia in Montana