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erotic clay mugs

updated mon 30 jun 97


John H. Rodgers on mon 30 jun 97

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Jonathan, your comments on the erotic clay art from South America were both
entertaining and educational.

I attended the 1997 Alabama Clay Conference and discovered the erotic humor
of clay while there. The principle guest artist/potter, a man of
considerable skill and talent from Kansas City, while demonstrating on stage
in front of a large audience, proceded to produce what, for all the world
, looked like a phallus. He then attached it to a rounded vessel, slightly
dimpled in the middle and wound up with something that, although obviously
intended to be a teapot, bore a striking resemblence to that complete
assemblage of anatomical masculinity. This resulted in a good bit of
sniggering going on in the crowd.

Next he formed the spout for an ewer. This was begun by placing a gob of
clay on a pool cue. Afterward there was considerable pulling, stretching,
stroking, tugging and massaging to move the clay into form. Again, the
phallus! By this time the auditorium was filled with titters, heavy guffaws,
and outright laughter. The artist had a few choice remarks which added to
the scene and the place just broke up.

Everyone had a good laugh, enjoyed and learned from the demonstrations, and
got a great deal from the conference. And all, I think, found and
appreciated the erotic humor in the clay!!!

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> Subject: Mugs with RIm Holes
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> When I was in grad school, I spent two years researching and documenting
> ceramics from the Northwest Coast of Peru, notably the Moche culture (not
> eliminate the Nazca, Chimu, etc etc as there was significant crossover.)
> results of this were published in a paper entitled "Environmental
> in Erotic Peruvian Ceramics." Much of my reserarch was carried out at the
> Kinsey Institute in Bloomington Indiana, which housed a signifcant
quantity of
> ceramic work as well as excellent texts. Also invaluable to this work were
> museums, both in Peru as well as in the States. I am also the proud owner
> perhaps one of the most complete slide collections of this work.
> I came across many mugs/bowl vessels with perforated rims. The mugs were
> stylized, many being human representations, The handles were a hollow
> penis, starting at the base of the mug, complete with a hole in the glans.
> Obviously, one could not drink from the rim, and the only way to drink
> this mug (if its intent was to be a functional piece) was from the penis.
> There were also female adaptations of this work. In a few instances,
> were small vessels with fake bottoms, concealing a second chamber
> The barrier between the chambers (the fake bottom) was modeled, quite
> accurately in fact, as the female genetalia, complete with labia and
> There was a small hole that allowed only a minute quantity of water or
> into the second chamber, When filling the bowl or emptying it, the
movement of
> air and water created a whistling or sighing sound.
> Not only did these peoples have a highly refined ceramic/pottery making
> culture, but also a highly elevated sense of humor.
> Jonathan
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