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euclids elements

updated mon 26 feb 01


Jeff Lawrence on fri 28 mar 97

Seems like they last 100-150 firings. I change my Aim and Olympic a couple
times a year, firing both 4-5 times a week. Haven't compared them to others

Jeff Lawrence
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LINDA BLOSSOM on sat 29 mar 97

Hi Jeff,

Seems that people get different numbers of firings from elements, probably
due in part to the temp they are finring to. What cone are you firing to?
Have you used the itc coating? Did you insulate your kiln at all? I'm
trying to get the variables in place so that I can see if the elements are
worth the trouble to install. My kiln does not come apart in three pieces
so I will have to climb inside to do the work.

Linda Blossom
2366 Slaterville Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Cl Litman on sat 24 feb 01

About 2 years ago a friend ordered replacement elements for her skutt
kiln from euclids and I helped her install them

- euclids had the proper bends for each segment
- per mels recommendation we were pleased to use the screw connectors -
no more having to cut off pieces of wire to the relays making them ever
shorter with every element replacement until finally you need new ones.
Also for those of us with not so great hand strength, far easier than
crimping. Screw connectors are reuseable as well.
- we could have gotten extra pins at minimal cost but chose not to
- didn't need pigtail bend

just another opinion, mileage may vary, no connection to either company
cheryl litman

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001 18:04:37 -0500 David Cowdrill
> For my Skutt 1027 I have purchased elements from Skutt and Euclid. I
> found
> the following:
> - Skutt's elements are formed into segments matching the kiln walls
> and
> allowing easier installation; Euclid's are a long coil.
> - Skutt provided compression connectors; Euclid's are screw-type.
> - Skutt provides pins; Euclid did not.
> - Skutt elements have bend made for pigtail; Euclid's did not.
> In summary I prefer the Skutt elements.
> (I have no interest with or connection to Skutt.)
> David Cowdrill in Great Falls, Virginia
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