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faculty salary comparison help

updated tue 30 sep 97


Tamsin A. Whitehead on mon 8 sep 97

A friend of mine (not on line) has just been offered a position as
full time faculty in the ceramics department of local art college whichhas
just started giving degrees. It is the first position of its kind in the
college, so the contract he has been offered has no precedent. The problem
is that he has no real idea of whether the salary and benefits he has been
offered are reasonable. I cannot put these out on the air here, but if
anyone has a comparative situation, or knows anyone who has, and would not
mind sharing their details, it would be of great help to my friend in his
bargaining position! As I mentioned,it is a small art college, just
recently starting to offer degrees. My friend is being offered the first
full-time faculty position. He does not have a masters degree, but has
many years of teaching experience, part of them at this school. Obviously
remuneration like this has many variables,such as location, but even a
rough idea would help. We have salary information etc from the state
university. So, if anyone could help here, my friend would be very
grateful. You can email me directly if you don't wish to make your
information public!!

Many thanks,

Nottingham, NH

LOWELL BAKER on tue 9 sep 97

The chronicle of Higher Education just published its Almanac, which
lists among many other things the salaries that may be expected
across the US. You might also ask NASAD for a copy of the latest
HEADS report. The salaries listed in the HEADS are art dapartment

I would say the range for starting instructor is from $20,000 and for
assistant professor is from $30,000.

The University of Alabama