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fan problems on burner

updated mon 31 mar 97 on tue 18 mar 97

Well, this one may take one of the cakes!

Fired up the kiln yesterday. One side at first to get things warming.
About 500 degF, turned on the fan, shut the shutter most of the way,
and......darn, .....somethings wrong with the fan, it's not turning. A push
with a pocket knife got it going, albeit slowly. Maybe it's just cold. This
is Minnesota in Spring, Right? On ten it ran fine.

So light the burner, back the fan off, leave her to get to 1000 deg. Check
back......rats, the fans not turning. Marc really did me in
this time!!!!!

Get out the screwdriver, take off the fan and motor, wiggle, wiggle. Seems
to be stuck!
What's going on? Pull harder. Out pops a slightly fried mouse! Still don't
know how he got across the 3" gap from the burner port and into the the

Moral.....make sure the squirrel (or mouse on the small fans) is on the
inside of the squirrel cage fan. One more item for the checklist!

Tom Wirt
The Clay Coyote Pottery