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updated fri 24 oct 97


Clennell on wed 1 oct 97

>when we threw pots in japan the wheel never stopped....just pluck>them off...(humping)
>the only time we used batts was for very large platters or great big pots.
> i totally agree that beginners should not use batts...they also fly off
>the wheel and knock over the water pail. and that is fun.

Dear Mel: Gotta disagree with you here, although I'm usually a pushover for
your wisdom. Beginners should use bats. Why build in distortion that will
only drive them to the use of Giffin grips in order to center and trim the
thing later. Give them a nice true pot to trim so that they get comfy with
the process, they don't get discouraged and they make lots more.
Bats do fly but not in the pottery, if you use a proper pin system. The
best system is what I call the British system. A pin in the middle of your
wheel head and one off to the side about two inches. With this system you
can use small bats for cups, etc. None of the wheel manufacturers that I
know of have ever used this system. They put the pins on the outside which
forces you to use huge bats for small things. The local machinist can put
pins in for you.
We cut small squares of marine plywood for small bats. Some people would
have trouble with square but after a few hundred pots you look at the pot
and not the bat.
Gotta go, Robins calling!

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