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fumes in the basement--sawdust and coffee grounds

updated sat 31 may 97


Cindy on fri 30 may 97


I really, really don't recommend using a kiln in the basement of your home
without some sort of venting system. Especially if you use clays with a
high sulfur content (my white clay), and especially if you decide to add
metallic glazes to highlight some of your pieces. Believe me--I tried it on
*one* bisque firing and the fumes made my eyes sting. I had to clear
everybody out of the house for the day and just go inside to flip switches.
Not good, and I'm glad it was a warm summer day so we could have all the
doors and windows open! The kiln now sits in an outbuilding. It's still not
vented, but now it doesn't matter. :)

A month or so ago there were a lot of letters regarding home-made and
store-bought venting systems. If someone can tell you how to access the
archives, you will probably find some help there.

Cindy Strnad