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funeral urns redux

updated mon 30 sep 96


Jack Troy on wed 18 sep 96

Re Patricia Thompson's plan to include her mother's ashes in a pot:
An Epitaph
On a Woman Who Sold Earthenware
(from a churchyard in Chester, England)

Beneath this stone lies Catherine Gray,
Changed from a busy life to lifeless clay.
By earth and clay she got her pelf,
And now she's turned to earth herself.
Ye weep in grief & let me advise,
Abate your grief and dry your eyes,
For what avails a flood of tears?
Who knows but in a run of years,
In some tall pitcher or broad pan,
She in her shop may be again.


On my computer screen this morn
Patricia Thompson's name was born.
Her mother has departed life
Leaving husband minus wife.
To some it may be rather grimly
reading that a mortuary chimley
had been her mother's route to heaven,
but Patricia's story lacks no leaven.
By wedging ashes into clay,
Pat throws her mom another day.
Oh ye who tarry by your plates,
Look well - ye eat from others' fates.

Jack Troy