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funky elements...the epilogue

updated thu 31 oct 96


Jonathan Kaplan on tue 22 oct 96

So here's how this story has played out.

I appreciate all the posts and information, suggestions and otherwise
regarding my initial post.."Funky Elements." But, here's what happened.

I mamaged to reach an engineer at Paragon after a rather frustrating
experience with their front office people, and my enlightenment is as

In the world of Paragon TnF 28-3 kilns,there are basically two types..those
that go to 2300 degress F and those that go to 2400 degrees F.

The 2300 degree F kilns have the 6 elements set up on three relays in a
1-4-1 arrangement, that is on relay controls the top element, the second
relay controls the 4 middle elements, and the third relay controls the
bottom element. Resistance for this set up is the top and bottom at 18
ohms, th middles at 11 or so.

The 2400 degree F kilns have the six elements set up on three relays in a 2-2-2
arrangement with each relay controlling two elements. The readings for
resistence are 7.5 ohms for each element.

The elements I received were not labled. I was using a 7.5 ohm element in a
situation that required an 18 ohm element on the top and bottom. Hence, the
main breaker kept shutting down.

The gauge of the wire and the number of windings per inch (eg length of the
element) as well as voltage aned amperage of your kiln will determine its
resistance. Please be specific when ordering replacement elements for your
kilns, and check and double check with your supplier so that you don't have
to do your labor twice.

These kilns are very simple to work on, and the basic theory of operation
with them is also quite simple. Line voltage, in my case 240 V comes into
the kiln and a jumper goes to the power transformer that steps it down to
12 V for the controller. The hot legs go to the relays, and of course,
there is a ground. The 12V powers the controller which in turn powers the
other side(coil) of the relays. When the thermocouple calls for heat, the
relays close ( depending on the instructions programmed by the owner into
the controller) and line voltage powers up the elements. The contoller then
only really controls the relays. These kilns are basically binary devices.
Either you got power, or you don't. Heat on, heat off. The controller just
sets up the parameters of on/off.

After some lengthy conversations with both my dealer and Paragon Mfg, there
will be 2 sets of 2300 degree elements by red label UPS this week.


Jonathan Kaplan

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