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funny frits and casseroles

updated sat 30 nov 96


Sharon Miranda on wed 20 nov 96

This didn't get posted last week (I guess), here goes again:
What are frits 54(pemco), 3223 and 25? Where can I get them or what could
be a substitute? I found them in Behrens book of Glaze Projects - would
really love to try out these simple glaze recipes. These frits are all used
in a low fire glaze.
This is a big question on my mind. I use white earthenware (Laguna Em210).
(I usually bisque to 05 and glaze to 06)
I desperately want to make casseroles and my supplier told me if I just
bisque to 02 this body would work. The Laguna consultant also said this
body should be oven and microwave safe, even bisquing at lower temperatures
(I fould that applying the glaze after an 02 bisque is much more
difficult). I have taken to throwing in a handful of sand to make this body
a bit more toothy and sturdy - and durable in the oven. But I have always
heard(right here on this list!) that white earthenware was NOT indicated as
ovenware, due to poor tolerance of thermal shock.
PLEASE give me your wisdom on this, my head is so confused!
(BTW- I am testing my results with food in the oven and microwave with good
results so far...)
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Craig Martell on fri 22 nov 96

Hi Sharon: I have % and molecular analysis for most frits. 3223 is a Ferro
number and my chart does not have that one. It may be discontinued, but
Ferro could provide you with a substitute. Ferro Corp., Coatings Division,
4150 East 56th St. PO Box 6550, Cleveland, Ohio 44101. Ferro is also in LA
and you can get the ph# from Directory Assistance.

Pemco P-25
K2O 5.4%
Na2O 14.7
CaO 0.5
ZnO 0.7
Al2O3 12.1
B2O3 16.9
SiO2 49.7
F 1.8
Melting Point 1320-1420 F.

Pemco P-54
Na2O 10.4
CaO 20.0
B2O3 23.3
SiO2 46.3
Melting Point 1400-1480 F.

Pemco Products Group, Chemical / Metalurgical Div. of SCM Corp., 5601 Eastern
Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21224

You might check with your local suppliers before making and long distance
calls. Most Pottery Supplies carry a good stock of frits.

Kind Regards, Craig Martell-Oregon