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updated tue 30 apr 96 on wed 3 apr 96

Okay, I'm trying to send this again, because it got kicked back to me. So
here goes...
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Subj: Re: NCECA
Date: 96-04-02 13:31:07 EST
From: Lgeese

This is just a quick note to say that this year was another great conference.
I found many of the lectures and panel discussions to be motivating and
inspiring in that they sparked some new ideas in regard to my own work.

The Randall Session was incredible. And the throwing demos were just what I
needed at this point in time. I'm REALLY sorry I missed the trip to Alfred!!
Poor planning on my part. By the time I saw how my Saturday was going to
fall into place -- too late. It sounds like it was a wonderful outing!

And for anyone who may be considering going next year for the first time --
stay on site. Last year, I stayed with friends in the Minneapolis area,
while this year I stayed at the (infamous) Holiday Inn. (Hey, at least we
got through the week without the ceiling in our room caving in!) Anyway,
staying on-site allows you to mingle and socialize so much more with your
fellow artists and you have ample opportunity for challenging discussions
regarding clay. And, yes, the not-so-academic discussions at 1:30 a.m.
around your 12th bowl of popcorn and ??th bottle of Genessee
Anyway, it was a great time. I made a couple of connections that I hope will
be fruitful ones here in Des Moines as well. It was great to put faces with
names, to meet many new folks, and to get reacquianted with a few I met last

I'm sure sorry I missed the breakfast! I didn't make a reservation ( I
know). And then when I came up to just sit in... I couldn't get in. But you
guys sounded like you were having a great time and I'll definetly be there
next year...unless I'm winning big at the blackjack table...just kidding...

Has anyone besides me noticed how many people are mentioning meeting/hanging
out with/laughing with Karla and Russell? Okay, it's not just me. Those two
are a hoot...and apparently...really got around! It was great meeting you
guys! And Karla, don't forget those discs you were going to mail me. :)
Russell - glad to see you've returned safely to Belgium with credit intact!
I enjoyed reading your NCECA essay yesterday! Ha - just kidding!

Well, back to work! Take care everyone!
Lisa in Des Moines - where it is actually supposed to hit 70 today! YAY!