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get hot cm technical question, some information

updated fri 24 oct 97


LOWELL BAKER on thu 16 oct 97

I have talked with one of the engineers here at the university. He
indicated he was not the head expert in microwaves and I would have
to wait until next week for the definitive information. But, he told
me the crystaline structure is what heats up. So glass
being a noncrystaline solid does not heat. I will ask the real
expert about iron but again from my initial conversation it seems the
crystaline structure of the iron is more important than the amount of
iron in the glaze or clay (within some limits of course).

My question back to the group is: Do any of you who use glazed with
big flashy iron crystals experience any greater heating of that glaze
in the microwave than others you use? Can you identify what gets hot
and what doesn't? This inquiring mind wants to know.