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giffen grip for eccentrics

updated sun 31 aug 97


Don Goodrich on sun 17 aug 97

> I always thought that the Giffen Grip would be of no use
unless you throw all your pieces perfectly centered. My tall forms
always have a different center on the top than on the bottom. Karen
Gringhuis brought this up. Since so many of you wrote praising the
G.Grip, how do you deal with this??<

Laura, Karen, and all,

The Giffen Grip has removable, reversible lugs that normally remain
centered. (It's an old idea; works the same way as a 3-jaw chuck on a lathe.)
Among its attachments are lugs that can be positioned independently of the
mechanism that does the centering, thereby allowing trimming of circular
bases on pots whose tops are not circular. These do require a screwdriver to
lock in place, but are still easier to use than throwing a special chuck.
Another possibility for tall forms is to use the GG's extension rods which
raise the effective height of the lugs. For eccentric pots add clay to the
grip pads to accommodate the eccentricity (you can put a piece of paper
between them and your pot if you want to avoid sticking).
While I still prefer to lug wide, stable forms to the bat with bits of
clay, I've found the Grip most convenient for taller forms that get tippy
when inverted for trimming.

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