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giffen grip/training wheels

updated sun 31 aug 97


Clennell on mon 18 aug 97

I think the Giffen grip the equivalent of training wheels on a two wheeler.
If you can learn to center pots on the wheel your next step is to learn to
trim them and then learn handles etc etc. It takes time and lots of pots.
There are no short cuts. I learned to throw on a wheel with a washing
machine motor that had two speeds on and off. In my uncle's production
pottery the wheel didn't stop. When Sheila joined me in the pottery about
10 years ago we bought her a grip. They are painful to watch being used.
About 3 years ago she stopped using it and it now collects dust. She makes
nice pots now and trims them even better. I think it's safe to say we both
like the day of trimming more than the throwing. Throw a hump after you
have thrown your cups and use that, have some chucks for bottles, teapots
etc, sponge rubber on a bat works great for plates. Big platters have bats
with bigger pieces of sponge on them.
What makes a kid feel ready to take the training wheels off- confidence.
You get confidence from practice, practice and more practice.
The expression " get a grip" has nothing to do with Giffen. I prefer life
without a grip, that why I makes pots for a living.
Naturally centered!

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