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glad to be back/dried terra sig

updated sun 31 aug 97


Vince Pitelka on sat 23 aug 97

Hello List -
I am back from a wonderful four weeks on the West Coast (camping on the
Mendocino Coast, hiking in Marble Mountain Wilderness and Siskiyou
Wilderness, camping and hiking in Lava Beds National Monument, swimming in
the Russian River, the Eel River, the Mad River, the Trinity River, the
Klamath River, The Williamette River, the upper Sacramento River, eating
lots of raw oysters, which one does not do in Tennessee, etc., etc.), and
delighted to be back on the list. Candice Roeder reports that while I was
gone someone asked about using dried terra sig. If the original sig is
prepared properly (you don't have to read that as "MY WAY," it is just
critical that the sig be very well refined), then it can be dried
completely. At any point later, it can be slaked in water for several days,
and then thinned to the appropriate specific gravity. It works fine. Don't
do anything else to it. It is not necessary to use distilled water. I
shipped a large quantity of dried terra sig to Michael McDowell for my
ancient clay workshops in Washington state, and it worked great - at least
as good as any fresh batch I have ever made.
- Vince

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