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gladding and mcbean tiled portland or

updated sun 31 mar 96


Sue Lily on thu 28 mar 96

The terra cotta factory (Gladding McBean)is quite impressive! Part of the
show is placed inside a gigantic beehive kiln, as is the food & wine during
the reception(s). The rest of the show is located in an area which houses
the molds used in the architectural tile work of the company. Gladding
McBean is a 120 year old company, that did a tremendous amount of work in
the 20's & 30's. They've remained in business by producing terra cotta
pipe (& still do decorative tile, gargoyles etc.)

If you have been to Portland, Oregon, you have seen Gladding and McBeans
wonderful tile:
Many of the buildings built in the 20's and 30's were tiled with clay -
and many of them remain in use. I can picture them, but my notes are
packed away. Major banks, many hotels, the group of stores that was turned
into a mall, mostly they are art deco. One delightful weekend I
photographed as many as light allowed for my architectural tile class -
wonderful fun looking at a city that way! :-)

Say, I want to go to that show - can someone send me the prospectus,

Repeal the Salvage Rider.

Ms. Lily
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