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going to glascow scottland :) need s

updated mon 31 mar 97


Iain Begg on wed 12 mar 97

Lucky you, Bryan. Visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the Burrell
Art Gallery and the Paisley Museum (all of which have pots of varying
ages). Paisley has a huge modern pottery collection, mostly not
on display so you can phone ahead. The Burrell has a huge collection
(of not just pots). The Art School is Macintosh. Glasgow has a
architectural heritage (sadly ruined in the 60s) but much still remains.
Duncan is head of ceramics at the Art School. Robert Sanderson is about
50 miles away in Crieff (Cowden Cottage, Abercairney, Crieff, Perthshire
PH7 3QZ).

(a Glaswegian living in Vancouver BC)
From: Bryan Duarte[]
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 1997 3:59 AM
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Subject: Going to Glascow Scottland :) need some information ?

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Hello everyone :)
I just found out last week that I am going to Glascow
Scottland YA!!!!!!!
on the 25th through the 31st of March :) cool EH!!!!!!!!!!!! but, what
make this trip even better if I could visit with any potters in or around
Glascow and take a look and talk about their work and trade ideas of
art form :) or even better any potters with a Bed and Breakfast would be
cool to :)

And to anyone eles who' has been there. Please suggest anythings else I
need to look at or know while I am there all help would be apperated to
this trip enjoyable :)

Please E mail me at
Thank you very much
Bryan :)