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grad school boogie

updated mon 30 sep 96


Eleanora Eden on sun 22 sep 96

Hi Jonathan and All,

I am truly delighted with this treatise of a thorny subject and don't
find you pompous at all.

Although I am hoping not to start some sort of a war on the subject, I
really do wonder how older more mature students would alter the
propensity for political contests and pecking orders in grad school.
They just wouldn't stand for it? Wouldn't that be nice!

I was 34 when I went back to school for an MA, the same age, as it
happened, as the two clay honchos. I won't try to describe just how
disgusted I was at the shenanigans that were a constant lubricant (in
addition to all the beer) in that department.

> 3. If grad students were ready to go back, there
> would a better synergy in a lot of departments between the faculty and
> themselves. Many of these programs are fraught with political contests,
> and pecking orders. This type of {expletive deleted} is really
> unconscionable.

In my experience it really was unconscionable, you are exactly right.
As far as I was concerned my MA was also my divorce decree from the
academic clay world I just couldn't stay far enough away.


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