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great brush making workshop!

updated mon 30 jun 97


mike & darlene tsukamoto on sat 28 jun 97

Back in April we had a young Art Prof. from Pennsylvania's Westminster
College do a Brush making workshop at our Art Center. We had actually
got his name off clayart months ago and wanted to offer something new
and exciting to our list of workshops. It proved to be a wonderfully
creative and stimulating workshop. Participants created several brushes
from natural hairs and plant materials. The brushes were works of art in
themselves and actually very nice to use. If anyone is interested in
contacting him to do a workshop his ph. is (412)946-8755. He is well
organized, creative and knowledgeable in not only brushmaking, but also
shoemaking and ceramics!

D. Tsukamoto
Lee Arts Center, Arlington, Va.