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greek magazine info.

updated thu 31 oct 96


Peggy Heer on fri 4 oct 96

Hi Everyone...I got no less than 10 requests for the info on the Greek mag.
so hope its OK to give the info out on the list. I do not benefit from
this in any way other than it will save me some valuble time. ;>}}}
KERAMEIKE TECHNI is published 3 times a year in Greek and English versions.
The 1996 subscription rate is 30.00 US.....45.00 Canadian. All air mail
postage is included.
Back issues are available for 10.00 per copy except for the double issues
which would be 20.00 US each. (Issues 15-16 and 18-19 are double issues.)

Note...Back issues 1-13 are in Greek and issues 14-22 include English
summaries after every article.
Annual subscriptions and orders can be made by:
--Postal Checks (this applies to Greek residents only)
--International Bank Checks (personal checks not accepted)
--Eurochecks (the amt must be issued in Greek Drachmas) (annual
subscription 7.000 GRD, price per copy 2.500 GRD)
--Visa and American Express credit cards by sending us by post or fax your
full name, address, credit card number, expiration date, name and signature
of the card holder. Please print clearly.

TEL./FAX: +30 1 4114322

There you have it folks...Its a beauty.
As Always in Clay Peggy

Peggy Heer / Heer Pottery E-Mail
Edmonton AB, Canada