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griffin grabber pads

updated wed 31 jul 96


Fred Paget on tue 30 jul 96

The material that the pads are made of is a closed cell neoprene rubber
(kind of like the stuff they make wet suits out of). There are a series or
ASTM specs on this material and if I remember correctly the original wet
suit material was the softest in the series - SC41 (they now make special
stuff for them). You will want something like a "SC43 with no skin" (I
think) - the higher the number the denser it is.. You can get it from an
industrial rubber and gasket house in some big city around there,
>Hi out there,
>Does anyone know of a source for the grabber pad material? I would like to
>buy enough to apply it to an 18 inch handmade wooden disk for the purpose
>of trimming larger platter forms. ...
Gail Dapogny,<

Fred Paget---Mill Valley,CA,USA