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gun metal raku

updated sat 31 may 97


Elizabeth Fusaro on fri 16 may 97

Barbara is still having trouble with "Gun Metal". Someone sent
me a post saying that it had to be applied thick. Tried
that, but still can't get the beautiful results she got the first
2 times she mixed and fired this. Have used the same
bags of chemicals and mixed a new batch each time.

Here was my original plea:

A while back Jim Romberg posted a Raku glaze
called "Gun Metal". I mixed it up a couple of
times with great results, but the last two times
it will not mature. Has anyone else had a problem
with it, or did the recipe get mixed up somehow.
Here is the one I'm using:


Gerstley Borate 3 parts
Neph. Sy. 2 parts
Copper Carb. 3 parts
Red Iron Ox. 3 parts


Please e-mail me at the following address if
you can help:

Barbara ( and Beth) in Tallahassee
Beth Fusaro
Sun & Moon Pottery
Tallahassee, FL

KDrescherg on sat 17 may 97

This is a glaze that I use all the time. I have not had trouble with it.
You do not mention in your post what particular trouble you are having
with it. I have had good results with this glaze underfired- soft matte
blue-orange; and overfired semi-gloss green-orange. This has been a very
good glaze for me. Re-examine your firing and post firing; are you
reducing to much at either juncture? Also I experiment with thick - thin
and overlaps with this glaze.