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updated fri 24 oct 97


Suzanne Wolfe on wed 15 oct 97

Dear Clayarters,
A friend of mine (a painter) has begun to work in ceramics. She is
looking for a studio or small company (or large company, for that matter!)
which will do hand-painted replicas of her designs. I.E. -- She wants to
commission someone to reproduce her work. It has to be in stoneware (I
suppose it could also be porcelain, but her first work has been in
stoneware, and she seems to prefer that.) She is currently working in the
majolica tradition, on the unfired glaze, with her designs. I think that
the reproduction of the 2-D imagery is more important than an exact
replication of the original forms that she is working on. (For example, I
know she uses several different mug forms now, and most likely would not
be adverse to using slightly different forms.)
Any of you who might be interested in this kind of job, please email me
with your name, studio details, address, phone, etc., and I will pass this
information on to the artist, who will contact you. (Jon Kaplan -- I am
wondering if this is something you might be interested in -- I am unsure
how much volume is involved, but the artist will call you on her nickel!)

Suzanne Wolfe