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hi again & nceca

updated thu 31 oct 96 on sat 12 oct 96

Hi Folks!

I'm finally back online after several months of deprivation... no phone, no
water or power in the studio, no PC. Phone and PC are back, but my studio is
still under wraps and stuffed with all the boxes left over from the move to
our new house. It's been exhausting, but an education... I've learned about
bureaucracy firsthand in dealing with all the utililty companies and county
government, and my innocence is gone for good. Being able to get back to
Clayart is such a breath of fresh air! I've missed you all!

Just wanted to ask the dates for the next NCECA (is that right? I tend
towards dyslexia...) in Las Vegas. Where can I get more information about
attending next year? After all the hassles and frustration of the past six
months, I'm thinking a Potter's holiday is in order.

Kat in Salem, Oregon ... waiting for the real Autumn to begin. Sorry
Emily, I want rain and fog and cold mornings! ; )